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Encryption and security is important. Keybase allows people to verify specific accounts, encrypt using another person’s GPG key and gives access to easy to use tools. I highly recommend joining keybase if you’re not already a member

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Focused on Docker You will be impressed.

One of the many technologies I focus on is Docker, a container platform with a focus on isolation of resources. Docker usage is widespread from corporations, small companies to IaaS providers like Amazon Web Services


Automation with Chef. Creating automated platforms.

Automation is key to creating a fluid work environment so less hours are spend debugging and systems are always consistent. Chef allows companies to reduce time to set up new servers from days to hours.


Simple. Automation.

Check. Mate.

When there’s not enough resources to take on the process of maintaining a Chef infrastrucutre I recommend Ansible. The system is very simple and easy to use, any system administrator can use Ansible without learning a programming langauge.