Over the past few years I’ve explored King’s Island thoroughly, experiencing each ride, section of the park, restaurants, shows and everything else King’s Island has to offer. This year I’m going to be exploring other theme parks, some in the Cedar Fair family, during my travels.

In 2017 King’s Island opened a new ride called Mystic Timbers, a ride which warns the rider to stay out of the shed. The unfortunate rider has no choice but to continue on their spooky adventure, with each clank and roll of the train in which they’re seated. The unfortunate end of the rider is entering the shed, followed by getting off the coaster.

connor goodwolf mystic timbers lift hill
Mystic Timbers Lift Hill

Soon to open at Cedar Point is Steel Vengeance, formally known as Mean Streak, on May 5, 2018. In September 2016 they closed Mean Streak however as time went along Cedar Fair released information the ride was being refurbished. Unfortunately I didn’t get to ride Mean Streak, but I’m looking forward to riding Steel Vengeance here soon. Let’s hope the hype is worthwhile, though Cedar Fair never disappoints!

connor goodwolf maverick and mean streak
Maverick and Mean Streak (Photo: Jeremy Thompson)

There are several Cedar Fair parks I’d like to visit this year as a platinum pass holder. There are a couple of parks in southern California and a few I’d like to visit on the east coast. I’m going to be taking time to visit some of them, perhaps with a friend.

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