Dongsmiths Group to be Renamed to Phallic Fabricators

In honor of the animals and their welfare the group formally known as new Dongsmiths group will be renamed Phallic Fabricators. This comes after the arrest of the old Dongsmiths group owner, see Arrest of EliteKnight. Telegram: Join Group Chat The new group photo has already been created and the old group photo has … Read moreDongsmiths Group to be Renamed to Phallic Fabricators

The Arrest of EliteKnight / CoreyTWC / CoreyTheTWC / Christian Stewart Oscar Nichols: A Story of Zoophilia and Zoosadism

In September of 2018, there was a leak posted on Mega which contained logs, images and videos of specific users engaged, traded and shared materials relating to zoophilia and zoosadism. Shortly after the leaks were made public many on the Internet grew concerned to help track down people who were involved in the group.

A New Year for Theme Park Exploration!

connor goodwolf kings island eiffel tower at night

Over the past few years I’ve explored King’s Island thoroughly, experiencing each ride, section of the park, restaurants, shows and everything else King’s Island has to offer. This year I’m going to be exploring other theme parks, some in the Cedar Fair family, during my travels. In 2017 King’s Island opened a new ride called … Read moreA New Year for Theme Park Exploration!